Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangster

10. Raffaella D’Alterio

Raffaella D’Alterio is well known as The Big Kitten, and she is a Mafia godmother of Italy. Her nickname is Miciona, and she belongs to Camorra Family. Nicolo Pianese was her husband who killed with bullets in 2006, and his wife became a Camorra boss in Nepal. Raffaella arrested during raids at dawn by army officers in 2012. She arrested on charges of extortion for robbery and dealing drugs. Police $10 million worth of vehicles seized from D’Alterio in which one Ferrari with solid gold number plate included. The gang earned $200 billion a year in money laundering, money trafficking robbery, possession of illegal arms and drug dealings.




9. Rosetta Cutolo

Rosetta Cutolo is the older sister of crime boss Raffaele Cutolo, who was the former head of the Nuova Camorra organization. She was born in 1937 and also well known as Ice Eyes. Her brother worked behind bars, and she and her brother mostly argued over his love of attention, but she preferred to keep low profile.she was magnificent at negotiating and worked with South African cocaine dealers and Sicilian mafia. She was arrested in 1993, and she acquitted on nine murder charges.





8. Maria Licciardi

Maria Licciardi was born on 24 March 1951 and former head of the Licciardi clan, Secondigliano, North Naples. She became crime boss because she born in a criminal house, her father and brother were well known as street gangsters. After arrested of her husband and two brothers she became the first female boss of the Licciardi clan. Her gang control drug trafficking and extortion rackets in whole north Nepal’s.

Her gang bought young girls from the Albanian mafia at $2000 each and promised them to give work in another country, and they become happy because they were poor girls. But after reached Nepal they forced these girls for sex work, she was an arrest in 2001.



7. Thelma Wright

Jackie Wright was a biggest Philadelphia drug dealer who murdered in 1986. Thelma Wright is the wife of Jackie Wright, and she transported cocaine and heroin between Philadelphia and Los Angeles, therefore, she became a gangster queen of Philadelphia. The claimed at her was that she was making $400,000 each month. She was never arrested, and she left drug world in 1991 and made a good life for her son. She wrote books about her experience, the name of the books are “With Eyes From Both Sides: Out of the game and Living My Life In.”




6. Jemeker Thompson

Jemeker was a significant cocaine master supplier in “Los Angeles, California during 11980s. She was also known” as Queen Pin, Anthony Mosley, was her husband and after her marriage, they made a team and sold cocaine in large amounts. She was arrested in 1993 and remained 15 years in prison. She released in 2005, after this she became an evangelist minister and showing people that God can forgive, and everyone gets second chance at making a better life.




5. Charmaine Roman

She was a Jamaican drug dealer and ringleader of a marijuana trafficking organization, she was transported tons of cannabis in Florida, and through this, she earned millions of dollars. She did drug money laundering through a casino and called Sure Thing Investments and was also in charge of bookkeeping. She was lived in U.S for 20 years in an illegal way when she got a claim with racketeering and marijuana trafficking.

When she arrested in a major sting operation, at that time 1,450 kilograms of marijuana, $200,000 in cash, many illegal firearms and several passports with different names recovered from her. During custody, she had four Florida drivers licenses, many social security cards.


4. Griselda Blanco

She was also famous as the Black Widow and the Cocaine Grandmother. She was “a part of Miami-based cocaine drug trade during the 1970’s and 80’s”. She also included in Miami drug war and Cocaine Cowboy Wars. She is done over 200 murders; she arrested in 1985 but continued her drug business when she was in the locker. She returned Colombia in 2004 and gunned down in her hometown of Medellin in 2012.




3. Judy Moran

Judy Moran was born on 18 December 1944 and well known as the matriarch of the Moran family. Moran family is a group of infamous criminals who based in Melbourne, Australia. Moran Family was also famous due to drug traffickers, and their name spread feared both publicly and among the wicked world. She married two times; Leslie Johny Cole was her husband who died in 1982 during a gangland shooting and Mark Cole; her son murdered in 2000. After this, she was married to Lewis Moran, and they had a son Jason Moran, who also shoot dead in 2003. She was arrested with her three companions and sentenced to 26 years in jail.


2. Sandra Avila Beltran

Sandra was born on 11 October 1960, and her other name was “The Queen of the Pacific.” She was the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. She was married two times and both her husbands were police commanders turned drug traffickers. They both killed by hired hitman. In 2002 her son was kidnapped and they demand $5 million for her safe return. She was charged with money laundering and possession of illegal weapons and now remains behind the bars.

Sandra Avila Beltran dubbed the Queen of the Pacific
1. Claudia Ochoa Felix
Claudia Ochoa Felix was earned a reputation as “Mexican Kim Kardashian” because she is popular on social media and most dangerous famale gangster. She has 35k followers on Twitter and Instagram, on these she post of her luxurious life and custom made AK-47s. Claudia Ochoa Felix runs the world’s most powerful trafficking organization. Many British tabloids reported that she had made the new head of Mexican gang known as Los Antrax, who have done hundreds of gruesome murders.




Sr. No         Dangerous Female Gangster         Head of Gang Name
1                   Raffela D’Alterio                                  Mafia godmother of Italy
2                  Rosetta Cutolo                                       Nuova Camorra organization
3                  Maria  Licciardi                                      Licciardi clan, second glia no, North Naples
4                  Thelma Wright                                      biggest Philadelphia drug dealer
5                  Jemeker Thompson                              cocaine supplier of “Los Angeles, California
6                  Charmaine Roman                               Jamaican drug dealer and ringleader of a                                                                                                   marijuana trafficking organization
7                  Griselda Blanco                                     Cocaine Grandmother.
8                  Judy Moran                                            matriarch of the Moran family
9                  Sandra Avila Beltran                          Mexican drug cartel
10                  Claudia Ochoa Felix                          Los Antrax



Top 5 brand Cameras

Choosing a best digital camera in the market is not a easy task its a very challenging or daunting work.  Camera is great way to save your memory and express yourself. In the modern many camera brand is available in market and difficult to choosing best one brand. But if you already planned or know which particular brand, model or type camera you want it is an easy task to buy an camera. So in this article I am telling you Top 5 Camera brands available in Market.

Nikon :



Nikon is the another best brand for making good camera. Nikon make the good camera for all types of customers. Nikon is the brand of Nikon corporation. Nikon is a Japanese multinational corporation. It headquarter is established in the Tokyo, Japan. It is a Consumer electronics industry. It is founded in Tokyo, Japan in 25 july, 1917. The products of Nikon is served worldwide. The main people of Nikon are Michio Kariya is the chairman of the company and Makoto Kimura is the president of the company. The main products of the company are still camera, SLR camera, DSLR camera, telescope and lenses etc.

Canon :


Canon is one the biggest company to make camera. Canon Inc. Is the industry who makes canon camera. Canon is a public industry. It is a electronic industry. Canon is founded on 10 August 1937. The founder of the company are Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida and Takeo Maeda, Reasey, Rithy. The main headquarter of the company canon is established in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. It is served worldwide. Mr. Fujio Mitarai is the chairman of the company canon. Canon made world-class products like camera, photocopier machine, scanner, printer and lenses etc.

Sony :


Sony is the third most popular brand for making best camera in the world. Sony is the brand of Sony corporation. Sony corporation is a multinational conglomerate company. It is established in Tokyo, Japan. Its headquarter is established in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is a public company. It is conglomerate industry. It is founded on 7 may 1946 in Tokyo, Japan. Masaku Ibuka and Akio Morita are the founder of Sony corporation. Sony served worldwide. It’s main people are Osamu Nagayama is the chairman of the board and Kazuo Hirai is the President and CEO of the company. Sony made man world-class and good products like media and entertainment, computer hardware, sound equipment, camera and lenses etc.

Samsung :


Samsung is the another brand for making good quality camera. Samsung is a public company. It is a multinational conglomerate industry. Its main headquarter is established in Seoul, South Korea. It is founded in 1938. It’s founder is Lee Byung-chul. The main people and key people of the company are Lee Kun-hee is the chairman of Samsung electronics and Lee Jae-yong is the vice chairman of Samsung electronics. The Samsung company make many types of products like chemicals, consumer electronics, desktop, LCD, home appliances and many other good product.

Olympus :


Olympus is the last brand in my top 5 list of good camera brand. Olympus is the brand of Olympus corporation. Olympus corporation is a Japan-based manufacture of optics and reprography. Olympus is a electronic industry. It was established in 12 October 1919. The founder of Olympus corporation is Takeshi Yamashita. Its main headquarter was established in Tokyo, Japan. The main people of the company Hiroyuki Sasa is the President and CEO. This company make many types of good camera for surgery, science and many other purpose. This company also make sense. After all this company make many types of good products for people.


wireless Beats earbuds to back I Phone

iPhone-7-could-have-wireless-Beats-earbuds-to-back-itApple may be developing its own premium Beats-branded wireless in-ear earbuds. Speculations of the premium audio accessory come as rumors of a headphone jack-free iPhone 7 are heating up.

These earbuds will use a completely wireless design, eschewing ports for charging, according to a report from 9 to 5 Mac. Instead of plugging in a cable to recharge the battery, you can just drop the buds into a charging case to power back up.

Likely because of the Beats branding and premium design of the earbuds, the wireless earphone accessories will not be included with the iPhone 7. The earphones may also include active noise cancellation and a microphone to work with Siri.

 Complete Wireless

Apple’s design will differ from Bluetooth earbuds on the market from LG, Samsung and Plantronics. Instead of a wire connecting the left and right earbuds, each earbud will come with separate batteries and wireless chips.

The twin-wireless design could have an impact on battery life, with 9 to 5 Mac speculating the earbuds may only last less than four hours if they don’t include a case.

Apple has been experimenting with its own battery accessories, and the company recently launched its i Phone 6 S battery case. It’s unclear if the charging case for these rumored wireless earbuds will come with an embedded battery for a quick charge on the go when you’re away from a power outlet.

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7 is rumored to come with a single Lightning port. Apple is speculated to sacrifice the headphone jack in favor of a slimmer, waterproof design. Instead, wired headphones must connect using the Lightning connector, which could give Apple more control over the iPhone audio accessories market.

DU Battery Saver World No.1 Battery Saving App for Android


The master goal behind building the famous DU Battery Saver Android application is to provide a longer battery life for the Android devices. The Du Group, which has been a manufacturer and developer of many Android apps claims of providing an impressive 70% extra life of the battery.The app is packed with great features and is available for free download, so it has gained much popularity since its start and has cumulatively saved around 59280Kwh across the globe.

The app design follows a concept similar to most battery saving apps with basic functions for the optimization of performance by closing power consuming and apps running in the background. Also, the app comes handy with its suggestions for performance optimization. These suggestions and improvement tips set this app aside from most others in the market. The app works its way through the settings of the device and brings to the user’s…

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The U.S. Air Force expects to equip F-15 fighter jets with laser weapons by 2020

For science fiction aficionados, a laser-firing starship or jet fighter is but another day at the office. Literally thousands of books and films feature this futuristic tech as a facet of its battlefields, but would you ever expect the likes of the United States Air Force to include it in its arsenal? Well just this week, the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) announced it’s developing a working laser weapon that it plans on strapping to an F-15 by as soon as 2020. Less science fiction and more science fact, armed forces may soon see a monumental shift in the way they engage in warfare in just five short years.



While arming an F-15 fighter jet with a laser weapon is as revolutionary as anything coming out of the military lately, the capability of using such a technology isn’t entirely unheard of. As far back as 2002, the Air Force strapped a prototype attack laser to a 747-400 freighter aircraft (dubbed the YAL-1) after decades of development and ground testing. By 2007, the YAL-1 successfully fired a low-powered laser at an airborne object, then intercepted a test target in 2010 utilizing a high-powered laser.

The thing is, it’s much easier to equip a large aircraft with a laser weapon than to strap one onto a wee little fighter jet. According to AFRL chief engineer Kelly Hammett, the primary hurdle lies with developing a laser small, accurate, and powerful enough for a jet while avoiding the g-force and vibration interference caused by supersonic speeds. Furthermore, Hammett believes this obstacle is but a temporary hindrance, going so far as to say the problem will be solved within five years.


“It really is a national tipping point,” Hammett tells CNN. “We see the technology evolving and maturing to the stage where it really can be used.”

Currently, the Air Force says it’s prepping testing of its laser weapon for an F-15 Eagle fighter with Air Force general Herbert Carlisle “cautiously optimistic” for a prototype test by 2016 or 2017. As of this last May, the test prep featured trials of laser-weapon pods the Air Force intends to mount to existing fighter jets sometime in the future. Moreover, Carlisle sees laser weapons as the inevitable next step in revolutionizing U.S. armed forces.

“I think [laser-equipped aircraft] will enhance our ability to provide theater air power,” Carlisle said. “Our [relative] position in the joint fight in air and space won’t change, but our capabilities will significantly increase and we’ll do it better than anyone in the world.”

So how might an F-15 laser system actually work? According to Hammett, the Air Force intends to use a kind of laser tech known as a solid state laser; a variation which relies on sending energy into a solid crystalline material to manufacture beams of lasers. Outside of the production process, these lasers function like any other — that is, a solid state laser is comprised of extremely high temperature, concentrated beams of light capable of incinerating an intended target.

Though it’s an incredible advantage to have fighter jets armed with laser weapons, those associated with the tech (i.e. military researchers and the like) often point towards using it as a defense tactic. Speaking at the 2015 Air and Space Conference earlier this year, Air Force Lieutenant General Bradley Heithold explicitly stated he’d like to have a laser equipped to an AC-130 gunship solely for its defensive capability.

Furthermore, the AFRL says it’s also developing a purely defensive laser tech it’s describing as a “defensive laser shield.” Essentially, the tech would create a 360-degree laser bubble around a warplane or jet fighter capable of destroying or incapacitating anything that enters it. Hammett points out that versions comprised of a turret, which avoid altering the aerodynamics of an aircraft, have already been tested.

“We do know that there are other nations developing similar technologies,” Hammett adds. “We see research out of near peer countries developing technologies in these areas.”

Despite its inherent benefit to U.S. Armed Forces, there exist a range of issues surrounding the legality of using lasers in warfare. On one hand, a treaty issued by the United Nations in 1995 prohibits the use of laser weapons designed entirely to serve a combat function of causing “permanent blindness to unenhanced vision.” Then, in a 2007 DSB Task Force Report, the United States Congress deemed laser weapons “legal” under U.S. and international law. It remains to be seen how exactly the U.N. treaty (called the Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons) will be interpreted once laser weapons see the battlefield.

Legal or not, research and development of the technology shows no sign of slowing down for the Air Force Research Laboratory. With funding of the laser directorate reportedly secured until 2020 (as Hammett tells CNN), it appears likely the Air Force will commence advanced testing sometime in 2016.